Orthodontics Clear Aligners

Orthodontics Clear Aligners

One of the major concerns people often have about dental braces is the aesthetic consequence of tradition metal braces on their smile.
Clear aligners offers an almost invisible aligning system that straightens teeth fast and contains no metal. Treatment consists of a series of custom-made aligning trays. The dentist changes the trays every several weeks to fit the new tooth configuration.

Reasons for orthodontics:

  • Straighten Smile
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth

What to expect with clear aligners.

First, the dentist needs to devise an initial treatment plan before creating the special aligning trays taking initial photos and impressions. Once a plan is created the trays are fabricated then delivered to the patient. The patient then returns every couple weeks to move to next tray in the sequence.
If the pockets do not heal after scaling and root planning, periodontal surgery may be needed to reduce pocket depths, making teeth easier to clean. Your dentist may also recommend that you see a Periodontist (specialist of the gums and supporting bone).